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Harmony Missionary Baptist Church of Richmond CA Harmony Missionary Baptist Church of Richmond CA

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Thu, Sep 27 2012
From the Desk of the Pastor....


 Harmony Church Family cordially invites you to Join us in a Power Packed Worship Experience happening each Sunday Morning beginning at 10:00am for our Sunday Morning Bible Class and continues at 11:30am am for a Spiritually Uplifting Worship Experience!

The Dynamic Voices of Harmony will be ministering in song. As the praise and prayers are lifted up to our Heavenly Father.

Pastor Jones will bring a relavant word to minister to the needs of the Brokenhearted, Disenchanted and the Discouraged.

Come make Our Church your Church, Our Pastor your Pastor, Our God your God.

 Harmony is a Church where all are welcome!!! 


Upcoming Events:



Pastor's 16th Year Anniversary Services:

Theme:"A Pastor after God's Heart"

Acts 13:22

Sunday March 11th,2018 3:30pm

Special Guest:

Pastor Marcus Van Hook

First Parchester MBC


Sunday March 18th,2018 3:30pm

Pastor A.L Perkins

Harmony MBC (Oakland)


Friday March 23,2018 7pm

Bishop Greg Payton

Greater St.John MBC (Oakland)


Sunday March 25th,2018 3:30pm

Pastor Curtis Robinson

Faith MBC (Oakland)


Easter 2018!!

Sunday April 1,2018 11:30am

Resurrection Sunday Morning Worship


Sunday April 8,2018 3:30pm

Outgoing Engagement to:

Wayside MBC-Oakland-Rev.Henry Hinkston,Pastor

Church Anniversary

*Pastor Jones is the Guest Speaker*


Sunday April 18,2018 3:30pm

Outgoing Engagement to:

Providence MBC-Rev.Robert Young,Pastor

Pastoral Anniversary

*Pastor Jones will be Special Guest Speaker*


Stay Tuned for more Upcoming Announcements!!































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